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What is social nudism?

Social Nudism is the practice of experiencing the freedom of nudity and socializing in a safe and secure environment with other like minded nudists. 

What should I bring for my first visit?

One really does not require much.  Towels, you are required to sit on a towel whilst using any chair or bench around the club. 

Is it okay to bring my children?

Yes – We are a family oriented community and find that by involving our children in this lifestyle we aide in teaching them to be comfortable and understand their own bodies. 

Will I feeI self-conscious?

No. Everyone is accepted for who they really are inside and out regardless of physical size, shape, or body condition. 

Am I required to be nude all the time?

Basic rule of thumb is nude when appropriate and clothed when practical.  Sometimes weather or other reasons may require you to be covered. Although we do require full nudity if you wish to use the pool, hot tub, sauna or lake. 

May I bring my camera?

No – Any photography of any sort is strictly prohibited. 

Is there a certain etiquette I should follow?

Yes – Mostly it is common sense guidelines.  Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. Respect the privacy of others. 

As a single male or single female can I attend your club?

Yes – We do however try to maintain and even balance of members male and female. 

My spouse is unsure about becoming a nudist but I would still like to visit, can I?

Yes- Although we encourage your first visit here to be  as a couple together, we do understand that certain people take longer to become accustomed to the lifestyle.  Many who were reluctant initially have soon become naturists.

About Sol Sante

Sol Sante Club is a non-profit society incorporated in the province of BC. It was founded in the 1950’s by a group of dedicated nudists from the Victoria area. 



Office Hours 9am - 5pm (In Season)

Check In Time: Before 5pm - No Late Check In's

Check Out Time: 11:00 am

For Reservations only contact:
Phone : 250-743-2400
Address: 3120 Cameron Taggart Road, Cobble Hill, BC
V8H 0B6

                                                                                                *note: new postal code             

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